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Drag Has Never Been So Much Fun!


Ottawa's Sassiest Saturday Night Drag Show is outrageous, witty and absolutely entertaining! Now Friday & Saturday!

Ottawa's Sassiest Saturday Night Drag Show
. . . Only at The Lookout Bar . . . Now Friday & Saturday!

DJ @ 10:00 PM | Drag Shows @ 11:30 PM & 12:30 AM

It's all about the feathers, glitter and drama... on stage that is! Friday and Saturday nights are home to the Capital's famous drag show, featuring the city's most popular, beautiful and talented drag queens! The night is always a hit with DJ Kitty @ 10 pm, and drag shows at 11:30 and 12:30! Dance the night away with great people, great music, high energy drag shows and our weekend drink and shot specials!

Introducing Friday
AND Saturday night drag shows!

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PS. We hit 1000 followers on Insagram this week!! Instagram has been a huge success for getting new people in the door :) Let's drive more people to our profile!

Drag Has Never Been So Much Fun!

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